Mode2’s first ever solo exhibition in Berlin: “OFFERINGS” at LC Gallery

Lucas Carrieri Gallery, September 23 – November 12, 2011

Opening reception: September 23, 7pm

For his first ever solo exhibition in a Berlin gallery, Mode 2 has produed a new series of works centered on the female body. His obsession for the subject is ever present throughout his work and with OFFERINGS, Mode 2 focuses on the topic in an explicit, yet at the same time ambiguous fashion.

His large-scale renderings of the female body are drawn from a specific perspective, recalling Gustave Courbet’sL’origine du monde. This perspectival point of view suggests that the female is significantly larger than the canvas, making her appear like a goddess.

"Mode 2 creates an atmosphere in which the viewer is being stimulated to think about their own sexuality and confront their own universes of associative conditioning. An offering from the artist to his viewers, if you may."

  - Hili Perlson


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